About Us

Who We Are

We specialize in Electronic security, Access control, Fire Detection and Fire extinguishers.

In 2013 our journey began, no capital, no assets and no access to finance except an old white Mitsubishi Lancer. We solely carried our faith and we were driven by passion as we ventured in a territory that was polarised by big players.

Initially our company was founded and registered in 2014 as Dynamix Solutions by Morris Biza and the core business was visuals and audios, mainly dstv. As the company serviced more and more clients, the request for security services grew and prompted the company to move into electronic security services which included alarms, gate motors, cctv and so on.

Having realized the lack of professionalism in the industry (even from renowned companies) and the potential it opened for us, not only to make money, but to make a difference by protecting lives and assets we began a drive to empower our company competitively by undergoing through rigorous trainings. One of the greatest man who once walked this earth said, “No country can really develop unless its citizens are educated’’ and that piece from Nelson Mandela has been our inspiration in our journey and our understanding that no company will develop unless if its members are trained.

What Makes Us Different

Customer service and training are real problems for the fire protection and electronic security industry especially for the previously disadvantaged and with the market polarized by big players; our company refuse to be restrained and aspires to break these barriers, requiring extremely strict training requirements and providing excellent and fast customer service with excellent turnaround time.

The areas of service and adequate training are sadly lacking, with some big entities taking advantage of their establishment to the polarized market to maximize profits and may lead to security problems and unnecessary loses to clients. SECURE AFRICA RISK MANAGEMENT SERVICES Our personnel are given on the site training and orientation as well as supplier trainings.

Support is always available when needed. The company is owned by active participants in the industry and contact numbers are available at all times 24/7 for technical help and assistance. We also provide a round the clock technical field support to make sure our clients are not stuck when necessary.


Our mission is to provide our clients with good quality services and insure convenience.


Expanding our services nationally and be known as South Africa’s no.1 Risk Management company for our outstanding customer service.