We specialize in CCTV installation for both analogue and IP systems.
We do CCTV installation for homes (Residential) and Office (Business) on small to large scales. We offer our client professional service and professional CCTV installation.

We can offer your business surveillance systems that give you 24/7 protection. High-quality camera systems allow you to identify anyone in the space quickly, and ensure nothing goes unnoticed. The investment of a good security camera system will be less costly than your potential losses.

Our experienced specialists can design and install a surveillance system that will meet your needs protecting you from loss of profit, burglary, and fraudulent claims.

Our objective is to help your company monitor, detect and record any unauthorised activities referring to what may cause losses or liabilities within your company such as break-ins or in house stealing.  Footage recorded can help with identification of criminals and can serve as proof in court.

We aim to help reduce shrinkage within your company and monitor processes for quality control, health and safety purposes.

Remember that this is your security (Business or Residential). Because we have skills and advanced experience in Networking and IT services we will be the right partner for you’re Business/Residential CCTV Installations in Africa.

Security infrastructure grows as the crime rate grows and keeping your company/home secured could cost a lot of money in the long run. We provide solutions to fit any budget and provide long-term cost-effective security solutions.

CCTV Services

  • CCTV Repairs/ CCTV Upgrades.
  • Analogue CCTV installations.
  • CCTV home systems.
  • CCTV business systems.